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Forgot AOL Password

AOL is the acronym for the America Online which is the country’s initial providers of services like email, internet, etc.   AOL has become a publicly traded company.  AOL's internet as dial up is not widely used now like before yet email is used to connect the friends and family by many.

Getting your account started:

The AOL username is your only identity. Your username, which is the first part of your email address, is noticeable to everyone when you talk with others online. Let’s get started,

  • Visit the account page to create a new account.
  • Enter your first and last name in appropriate boxes.
  • Time to pick your email address.
  • Enter a password for your account and then re-type the password in the bow below it.
  • Enter your date of birth, gender and zip code.
  • Select a security question from the down menu and then enter the answer in the box.
  • Enter a mobile phone number and alternate email address. It will be helpful if you need AOL password reset.
  • Click sign up.

Warning signs of a hacked AOL password:

  • You try to sign in but get a message from AOL. ‘We have detected unusual activity on this account’.
  • People you recognize are getting emails from you that you didn’t mail.
  • Your inbox is full of mailer rejection notices for messages you didn’t mail.
  • There are out going mails in you’re sent, drafts or outbox folder that you didn’t create or send.
  • Your contact list has been erased.
  • During sign-in or when sending a message, you are asked to pass an image test.
  • Emails you try to send are unexpectedly getting refused and returned to you.

Any of these symbols means that there is a fine chance your AOL email account has been hacked by hackers. If you notice any of given points and anytime, change your password immediately, it is better for you.

How to change a password:

You need to keep changing AOL password as often as possible for security reason.

  • Sign in the personal account information.
  • Next, answer your security question.
  • Click change the password in the general account information section.
  • Enter your old password and your desired new password.
  • Re-enter your fresh password to verify. The power indicator will let you know how strong your new password is.
  • Click save to finish the process.

AOL password should be like a finger print- uniquely yours. It protects your AOL account from unauthorized entry and is your hidden identity for signing on to the AOL software or any AOL service such as AOL mail or AIM.

 Forgot AOL password is a frustrating and sometimes painful process, but it is not a hopeless situation. Thankfully AOL has made it easy to recover or reset your AOL email accounts passwords. Follow the, I forgot my AOL password guide to get back into the AOL email account.

Reset the forgotten password of AOL:

AOL provides you with the option for putting  the email and phone number data, if you happen to forgot AOL password, you will be able to  fetch the back up of all the information as this as alternative.

  • AOL password reset with phone number:
  • Visit the login page of AOL.
  • Search for the password forgot link visible below the password field.
  • Enter the username / email ID as shown and the four digits Captcha. Click on Next button.
  • Enter the Phone number as shown in this page.
  • After the phone number is processed, AOL shows the text for the confirmation code.
  • Once you type in verification code, new password field is shown where you can type the word.

 AOL password reset has been successfully completed once the phone number is verified.

  • Provide your alternative email ID/address for AOL password reset.
  • Click the option for the verification acknowledgement through mail on your alternative email referred in the AOL account.
  • If you don’t remember the IDs of email you mentioned, click the ‘hint’ link as shown in the segment of verification.
  • Select the Next button. It sends the link of AOL password reset to your email ID provided as an alternative ID.
  • Email has a link that takes you to the page where you can reset your account's password.
  • New password should be entered when you open the provided link from your alternative mail.


  • If you have forgot AOL password you can access back to your account, by simply answering few security questions which you have personally assigned  for the account that is an alternative for password reset through SMS and emails. The name of account holder with –first and last name should be entered in this method.
  • Security questions come as a rescue for password reset option that can be done for maximum of six times. The failed attempts lead you to locking of AOL account for 24 hours. You cannot login or even attempt to login for the password reset during this 24 hours.

Resetting the AOL passwords becomes difficult when you don’t have the information of account. Unfortunately, you cannot reset password without the information for verification of the identity. You will have to wait till the next day. Instead call the customer service of AOL to sort out the issue of I forgot my AOL password.


It is always better to create a password that is at least eight characters long and includes a grouping of numbers and letters. Avoid using apparent words, such as your initial or last name or the word password itself. Be sure to carefully choose a password and keep it safe. If possible, don’t write it down any where as it is easier for people to get way in to it.


Let it be a secret. To avoid ones personal information and data to get leaked and prevent it from being hacked change passwords frequent

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