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AVG Support Phone Number 1-800-893-0638

Overview of AVG Antivirus for Android

  • Why AntiVirus software is necessary for phone?

Now-a-days smartphones and tablets are as necessary as personal computers and are prone to viruses same as personal computers. Millions of people are using smartphones for storing important data, receive and read emails, along with carry out financial transactions therefore theses phones are at the risk of cyber criminals.

Viruses find their way to smartphones and attack the important files just like the viruses attack on personal computer data. Virus may get in the phone by different ways for example: it get through clicking on a web link, downloading a file or an app or opening an email attachment. More frequently smartphones are used by cyber criminals to launch DDoS (distributed denial of service) which help attacks every cellular network same as personal computers are used to hack any website by burdening it with illegal traffic.

It has been recommended to use antivirus software to protect your phones from increasing threats of virus and malwares.

  • What is AVG AntiVirus for Android™?
  1. AVG antivirus is an app for the security of mobile phones for example tablets and smartphones. Its main function is to protect your mobile from security threats which are finding way to your mobile dominion.
  2. It also goes beyond protecting your mobile phone. Its features are Task Killer,App Locker,Tuneup and its Anti-Theft service some other features that maintain your mobile phone monitor performance, privacy, trace,remotely lockand wipe your device if it is ever lost or stolen.
  • Some differences between PRO versions andthe AVG AntiVirus FREE?

There are two most popular versions of AVG antivirus named as PRO and FREE. The features of FREE version include protection against virus and malware as well as it includes other value-added features and tools too. Whereas the PRO version is a full fledge package including many apps with advanced features. You can avail these features from the list of both the versions present on AVG AntiVirus for Android page and then choose the tab Compare products.

It has been suggested to protect your smartphone from viruses, snoops, thieves and spyware by using following features:

  • Anti-Theft

This app works in case of losing your mobile phone you can remotely find your phone and lock it. No worries if you lose your mobile it is still in your control. You have to visit Anti-Theft website from your phone or personal computer to lock it remotely, you can find it on Google Maps and blast alarm in a full volume. Another advantage is that you can wipe out all your data from your phone with this app to prevent it getting into wrong hands.

  • App Backup

With App backup you can back up your data and apps to the SD card so you can easily save all the important data and your favourite apps too.

  • Camera Trap

This app works in the following way. Whenever someone tries to use or unlock your phone by giving passwords, after three attempts of passwords camera trap takes a picture of that person secretly an sends it to you on your email with the location of that person.

  • Antivirus

This app has been used by millions of people as it is the best protection tool for smartphones and also for computers. AVG antivirus is the first ever antivirus introduced on Google play to break the 100 million downloads and is widely used all over the globe to secure phones. When installed it silently protects your phone from unwanted callers, malware, spyware and other threats.

  • Device Lock

This app locks your mobile automatically if the sim is lost. After being lost the person will surely remove the sim from the mobile and will use it but device lock will keep your mobile lock even after the sim is removed to protect your important data of your phone.

  1. AVG support phone number Canada
  2. AVG reseller support phone number

AVG is a leading security app that has satisfied more than 202 million users all over the world. It has been founded in 1991 and aims highly to protect computers and smartphones against viruses. This app got popular and is growing immensely because of its resellers. AVG antivirus is best suited for reseller sales. Its advantages are as under:

  1. It is very competitive in terms of end-user pricing
  2. Volume requirements for minimum sales are not needed
  3. Because of its high discounts it becomes financially interesting for small resellers
  4. This high discount guarantees high returns for Resellers
  5. AVG products do not discourage its resellers at the time of license renewal or its upgrading
  6. AVG has introduced a massive discount for schools, churches, charities and government.

With these advantages it is quite easy to understand why AVG is popular among its resellers.

  1. AVG business support phone number

AVG Business Editions

To install AVG Business Edition it is very important to install AVG Remote Administration first. This file can be downloaded from the AVG page of your product.

Its components are as under:

  • AVG Internet Security Business Edition
  • AVG AntiVirus Business Edition

You can install the above mentioned components from AVG Admin installation package. After installation configure AVG Remote Administration, as this is compulsory to go through AVG Admin Deployment Wizard after installation.

Direct Support Phone Numbers

You can get direct support numbers of official AVG support and helpline from different sites on Internet, these are common, call, tell your issues and get solutions, the team helps you 24/7.

  • Business Support Helpline Number of AVG: 1-800-893-0638
  • Customer Service Number USA: +1-800-893-0638

You can also submit your queries on chat online and email. All these are best to get support for all products of AVG.

  • Visit the download page of the product you are using
  • Download the file you need (file server,email server or workstation)
  • Run this downloaded file and then enter the product key and finish the process of installation.
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