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How to Fix Popup Ads that Freeze the Browser? Easy Tips & Expert Support

What are pop up Ads?

Any advertisement that you see on your web browser, to appeal for the web traffic are known as pop-up ads. They are basically the form of advertising through online forums on World Wide Web. They are opened in new windows of any web browser you are using for working on internet. Advertising on web is a form of mass media communication which is even more powerful and impactful than any other form. It has a wide outreach all over the world through just one click. It promotes the commodity or any service among millions of users simultaneously. At the very same time, when they have a great significance, they brings problems in running the browsers efficiently. They make the browser work slow, or at many times, these pop up ads freeze the browser. The question arises that how to block the popup ads?Here in this context, people will find the ways of how to fix pop up ads that freeze the browser.

Popup ads make the browser slow and sluggish which get your computer become inactive

These popup ads are so impactful that they automatically open in new windows of the web browser themselves and become a comprehensive version of the real add describing the commodity or a service in detail. This pop up ad has a small interface as compared to the real interface of the web browser. They are highly animated ads with different tag lines and slogans about the goods or services. They create a hype by getting posted on different websites and web links. These ads are in different sizes, shapes and colors to bring user’s attention to them. They attract the user by getting popup again and again on the computer screen. They popup immediately while the user is going to one page or one link to another page or link. They are associated with the page the user is looking at. Although they bring a lot of information about different commodities and services by advertisements but they make the browser slow and sluggish which get the computer become inactive instantly. This will lead to a question that how to stop popups? This sudden break down of the computer while one is working on some important task makes him feel annoyed because they freeze the web browser after which one has to either cancel all the running applications or restart the computer. In short, they interrupt the user in every respect which decelerate the working speed all of a sudden. This unexpected disruption makes the web browser become inactive. Popups are something which are not liked by the users. At the same time, there are several ways through which these popup ads can be made hidden or blocked. People would love to know about how to fix the popup ads that freeze the browser.

Ways of to block popup Ads:

There are several ways through which the user can block up these unwanted popup ads. There can be a Popup stopper, popup annihilator, popup killer or popup blocking abilities instilled in antivirus software and free internet utilities.

  • Update of the web browser software:

To play with these popup ads and control them, the user should update the software of the web browser or edit the settings. Updating of some software of the web browsers have the ability to control these unwanted popup ads. If the user’s software is able to temporarily disable the blocking of any certain website, the user can hold the Ctrl Key while clicking on the address link to a website.

  • Closing the popup ads on the iPhone and Safari:

Whenever a popup ad appears on the screen, the user would see a ‘block alerts’ button after closing a popup on the iPhone. After clicking the block alert button, the user would stop receiving the popups from that particular web site. If the user is unable to dismiss the popup, he should click on the Safari to close. If the user wants to protect safari from the unwanted automatically opened windows, he should reach the settings in Safari and click on the clear history tab and website data. This will delete the browser’s history and cookies to stop reopening the popup ads on that particular webpage.

Another wayto get rid of these popups from freezing the websites and web browser:

  • If the user has faced these freezing popups, he should click on the ‘Apple logo’ at the top left corner. The user has to be patient because there are chances that he won’t be able to click on this because these popups will freeze the window on the MAC.
  • The user will then have to do quit force.
  • On the already opened applications on the MAC there will be a small box that will be appeared.
  • Then the ‘Safari’ will be selected
  • and click ‘Force Quit’
  • Then the Safari will go away from the screen
  • The user will then to press and hold the shift button from the keyboard
  • When the user will press this button he will have to click on Safari icon on the dock simultaneously. It is an easy way by which the user can remove the popup ad. He can resume work on Safari now.


  • How to fix popups that freeze the browser of Internet Explorer:

To block these unwanted popups, the user should go to the add-ons and toolbars, the user should:

  • close all the internet explorer windows and go to Control Panel
  • click on internet options
  • Advanced tab
  • and in browser section
  • click on Enable third part browser extensions
  • Go to Apply and the close all the windows.

This will disable the popups and the user will be relieved from this unexpected tension every now and then. It won’t be difficult to deal about how to fix the pop up ads that freeze the browser.

  • How to stop popups in Mozilla Firefox web browser:

Firefox is one of the web browsers which blocks the popups itself. Still, if the user finds any popup appearing on his screen and he wants to configure the popup blocking, then he should

  • Open the Firefox browser window
  • and go to tools and options section
  • then in the menu bar, click on the open menu
  • and select options and click on the content section
  • and check ‘block popup windows’
  • And click Ok.


  • How to block popup ads on Google Chrome Web browser:

Google Chrome also detected the popup ads itself and also protects the popups to be displayed on the screen and interrupt the working. The user will see a small ‘cross’ at the upper left corner to close the ad. To control all types of pop up ads in the Chrome, the user has to follow the instructions given below:

  • The user has to click on Chrome menu on the toolbar of the browser
  • Then select settings
  • and click on the show advanced settings
  • there, in the privacy section, the user will click on the content settings button
  • In the popups section, the user will then click on the ‘do not allow any site to show popups’
  • And then click Finished, and ultimately the user have blocked the popup ads.


  • How to stop popups from Google Toolbar:

If the user has configured the google toolbar on the web browser, there is a pop-up blockers icon in the toolbar through which the user can easily stop the popup ads on the browser.

  • Popups ads blocking on Yahoo Toolbar:

There is Popup blocker icon in the yahoo toolbar. By selecting it the user can block the popup ads easily by unchecking the ‘Enable Popup blocker’ in the drop down list.

  • How to stop Popups ads in MSN Toolbar:

By clicking on the pop-ups blocker icon in the toolbar, they can be blocked easily. By unchecking the ‘allow popups’ button, they can be blocked to avoid interruption and freezing of the websites and web browser.

  • How to Block Popup ads for Opera users:

Opera has the ability to block these disgusting popup ads itself but there are some ways which can be used to block the pop up ads manually which are given below:

  • The user should open the Opera Mini
  • and click on the opera button which is present in the top left corner
  • and click setting options
  • In the setting options, he has to click on the Quick Preferences
  • Within this menu, ‘Block unwanted pop-ups’ will be chosen.

Another option for Opera users is the downloading of the ‘Ad Block’ extension for Opera. This Ad block extension will block most of the popup ads from opening in this opera mini web browser.

  • How can the popups be blocked on MSN Messenger:

To block the Popup ads on MSN Messenger, the user has to disable the Microsoft Messenger by:

  • Opening the Control Panel and clicking on the administrative tools.
  • Within this window, the user has to open ‘Services’.
  • The user will have to located the messenger and click on the Messenger Properties icon
  • In the messenger properties, the user has to set the startup type to disable and select the stop button and then click the apply button to close all the open windows.


  • Identification of Fake or real Popup Ad:

There is another issue of identifying the popup window to be real and not fake. At many times, people will see that the advertisements that come in the shape of popup ads are designed in such a way that they look just like the windows, but in reality they are not the windows. Such type of ads cannot be blocked by the Mozilla Firefox. These ads may become ‘false positives’ when they are not the real popup ads windows.

  • Want to know if the Pop-Up blocker is on and this option is enabled for a particular website?

If the user wants to know this, he has to:

  • Go to the menu button and click the options
  • Go to Control Panel
  • and make sure that the Block pop-up windows is checked
  • At the right side of which, there is an ‘Exceptions’ option which the user will then click.
  • By clicking this option, a dialogue box will be opened and the list of the website will appear which are allowed to show these unwanted popup ads.
  • If the user succeeds in searching for that particular website in that list, he should select it and click on ‘Remove site’.
  • Click on the ‘Save Changes’. By doing this, the changes will be updated and the user will no longer see the popup ad on that specific website.


  • How to block Pop up ads by Third Party applications and blocker programs:

Popup ads can be blocked by some third party programs which can be easily downloaded to protect your computer from these unwanted popup ads. Many of them are free and some can be used by purchasing. Some of the software are Adfender, NoAds, Anvi AD Blocker, AdGuard etc. Besides these, there are some antivirus and antimalware software programs which have strong capabilities of popup blocking, including Webroot Secure Anywhere program. The research done to bring solutions for people’s technological problems will definitely help them to get rid of the intricate hitches which comes in the form of these disgusting and annoying Popup ads.

Summarizing, Popups trouble shooting and blocking is a serious concern for millions of users around the world. Since most of the people are not interested in seeing these unwanted images and descriptions of the advertisements all of a sudden. They want to just get rid of them forever. The popup ads seems to be a crusade from hell. To do this, they have to sustain the blocking of these popup ads for ever and ever by managing different applications just like the some we have given above.


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