Windows 10 – Cortana is not working for ? Reason and Easy Way To Fix it

Microsoft has finally released windows 10 to the users across the globe. Windows 10 is currently being installed on over 100 million PCs which is impressive. However after the launch of new windows everything didn’t go according to plan, the final build has a few issues and bugs, which must be resolved. One of the issues that has been emerging on Microsoft discussion, is the not functioning of the Taskbar and it’s the related to it, like Cortana and Start Menu.

In windows 10 operating system Cortana and the Taskbar Search function has been one of the useful feature which allows you to search any file without leaving the desktop. After a time period all the three stopped the response to the user’s interactions, though the rest of the system performs moderately. Microsoft is well aware of this issue and working to resolve this problem. When the Cortana is not working for windows 10 you may receive an error message as Start Menu and Cortana aren’t working, we will try to fix it you sign in the next time.

Reasons for Cortana not working:-

There can be many reasons for the Cortana not working for windows 10 or the broken start menu. So one solution doesn’t fit everywhere, you should give a try of the following methods and you never know which method will make your start menu working.

Fixing of Start Menu and Cortana not working:-

You can use any of the methods for the permanent fix of cortana of windows 10. Following are the methods for Cortana not working windows 10 fix and start menu glitches:-

Installation of the Cortana: Firstly make sure that Cortana in windows 10 is set up correctly. To enable Cortana, go to Settings then Time and Language then click on Region and Language. Check the Country setting as Cortana is available in certain regions and windows display language setting. Finally go to Settings then System then Speech. Check the spoken language setting. If the above steps are followed correctly then Cortana is enabled for you.


Kill the Cortana process and restart it:  Kill the processes that are a threat to the problems. Press Ctrl+Esc+Shift to set up the task manager. Locate cortana from the ongoing processes and search the end task and click it to perform the task. Then the functionality is fixed with the click of the end task

Restart your PC: Restart your PC or sign out and sign in and then see if the problem goes away or not.

Automatic Rectification: If your PC makes for automatic repair, continue with that and let windows carry out.

Disable software of Antivirus: Some security software’s are known to create the problem of Cortana not working for windows 10. Disable that software and see to it that if the problem goes away. If this security software is the problem, make sure that you are using the latest version of it or you may have to change that software.

Windows Troubleshooter: Open control panel then click on all control Panel items and last click on search and fix problems with windows search. Then Windows Search Troubleshooter gets opened and run it and follow the wizard by following the instructions.

Create a new account: The problem of Cortana not working for windows 10 might also be associated with your Microsoft documents. Try creating a new user account with a new username and password and see to it that if you can fix the cortana and search taskbar. You have to remember that cortona will not be automatically switched on; it needs to be enabled on by selecting cortana button on the taskbar menu.

Re-register: For re-registering the cortana app you can open the Task manager then File menu and then run new task. Open the powershell by typing and select OK by creating from the check boxes.

Rebuild the Windows Search Indexer: Rebuilding the search indexer might help in repairing the search tool which is built- in in windows 10.Head to control panel and then indexing options to rebuild the windows search index. In the advanced options window, click on Advanced and make sure that you are on the Index Settings tab. The rebuilding process will take some time and it will affect the system performance until completion. Once it’s done you can start searching for the needed files and after completing this procedure it should work properly.

Method 1 for PowerShell: Click the windows key for the run dialog box to appear. Search for the powershell and select the Run from this icon. You can do it from the icon by right clicking it.

Method 2 for PowerShell: The menu has the command prompt option and right clicks to select it. In the Command Prompt type PowerShell and press enter.

If the red error prompts arise ignore them and wait till the command starts processing. The start menu will start to work now.

Windows Repair steps: Before following the repair steps disable any Antivirus software or any other security software.

  • Start in Safe Mode with Networking.
  • Download Windows Repair All In One version.
  • Move and extract the file on your desktop.
  • For the repairing, visit the, then right click Repair Windows.exe and finally select Run as Administrator.
  • Click on Next button and then click on Open Repairs button
  • After the registry back up gets completed, move to check list window
  • At the bottom click on Unselect All and check Reset Service, Restore Window Services and Set to Default Startup the Window services.
  • After that click on Start Repairs and let the scan gets started and completed.
  • Once the repair is completed, restart your computer.

Cortana is actually your new personal assistant. It helps in finding things on PC, manage calendar, find your files, give you reminders and also chat with you. More you use Cortana, more personalized your experience will become. So for all these reasons Cortana must be working or functioning properly. Once the rebuilding of the tasks happens properly you can further proceed. Though the rebuilding takes enough time and should be done in order. Once it’s done the search process can be started and the desired files can be opened and the cortana be fixed on time.