Norton Antivirus Is Not Working After Upgrading To Windows 10

Microsoft finally released windows 10 around the globe with advanced features and user friendly interface. They have features providing the ease of usability with the software and hardware. Many people have installed in around 100 million PCs. But the major glitch of windows 10 after the launch has some issues that are not resolved yet. One of the issues that have been emerging on Microsoft discussion is the installation of Norton Antivirus.

Know Norton Antivirus in Windows 10:

Norton anti virus is used to protect the files and documents from the malware, phishing and email viruses. Norton Anti virus helps in prevention of cybercrime. They come with the duration of period that needs to be upgraded on time. It has standard and premium options. It is compatible with almost all of the windows series and versions. Some of the forums have the problems flooded with the Norton Antivirus not working with windows 10. Though the Norton antivirus not working windows 10 can be fixed in some of the versions it has been yet in the discussion forums to overcome the trouble.

Check for Norton after upgrading to windows 10:

Once the upgraded version of windows 10 is installed, you can search for Norton antivirus from the programs. The compatibility is checked with the Norton Anti Virus not working for windows 10. If it is not available, follow the steps for the upgrading of Norton Antivirus on windows 10

  • Download the Norton product
  1. Download the fix tool from internet and save it on the desktop screen.
  2. On the windows desktop screen, right click the windows10NortonUpgrader.exe file.
  3. Click on the Run as Administrator option.
  4. Run the tool and accept the terms and conditions of agreement.
  5. The installation window appears for the Norton Anti Virus.
  6. On the bottom right end, Next option is displayed. Click on it.
  7. Follow the instructions to complete the installation. If the installation window is not displayed follow the steps below.
  • Download and installation of Norton Anti Virus
  1. Download and install the Norton Anti Virus by reading the procedure from the link “I want to download my Norton product on my device.
  2. If the Norton service provider send the Norton Anti Virus by reading the procedure from the link “I want to install my Norton product from my service provider” for further installation steps.

Restarting the Windows 10:

Once the windows 10 version has been installed, perhaps the Norton Anti Virus not working windows 10 from Symantec show some incompatible and hassle features. It shows the screen and desktop icons start flickering and making it dim to work on it. You can do the following to optimize the program:

  1. The installed Norton product could be Norton internet security or a Norton protection product that safeguards the data.
  2. After the successful download of the Norton tool, the computer needs to be booted
  3. The boot system in the windows should be done in safe mode of networking.
  4. For the action, Go to Run msconfig> Boot Tab.
  5. From the dialog box that appears, select the safe and network option by checking with a small tick on it.
  6. Click on the Apply option and close the dialog box.
  7. Restart the computer. Make sure all the necessary programs are executed to prevent from the loss of data.
  8. When the computer screen opens after restarting, right click the screen’s file which displays as “Screen_Fix.exe. And then click on Run as Administrator.
  9. It will take some seconds to run.
  10. Again the process goes in vice versa mode.
  11. In msconfig dialog box, uncheck the box which was checked previously.
  12. Restart the computer again.

After the boot of the windows is done, the issue is expected to fix the problem.

Another Fix to the Issue:

After the computer is restarted and boot system is done, the Norton Anti Virus not working with Windows 10 resolves in most of the windows. However, if the problem persists we have the solution for the optimized system performance. Using the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool, you will be able to sort out the issues. This is done mostly with two steps. You can work on any one as an alternative to the other.

  • Restart the computer
  1. Exit all the ongoing programs to ensure not to lose the data.
  2. Restart the computer. Wait until it opens completely so that it doesn’t break the thread during the processing of fixation.
  3. Then if the problem still occurs, go to the next procedure as mentioned below.
  • Run the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool
  1. Download the tool-Norton Remove and Reinstall from the internet.
  2. Save the file on the desktop screen.
  3. Once saved, you can process by opening the file.
  4. Double click or press Enter on the Norton Remove and Reinstall icon.
  5. The Terms and Conditions Agreement form will appear. Make sure you read all the agreement rules.
  6. Click Agree on the Agreement form.
  7. The Remove and Reinstall option appears on the next tab of the screen.
  8. Click on it and continue with the instructions.
  9. Follow the instructions till you see the Restart option on the tab.
  10. Click on the Restart Now button.
  11. The computer will restart promptly.
  12. Follow the given instructions carefully to install the Norton Antivirus.
Incompatibility Reasons for the Norton Antivirus:

Your Norton Antivirus would probably work on the above mentioned solutions. However if the Norton Antivirus is not working with Windows 10 problem occurs still you have to check with the Norton developer for resolving. Or the the incompatibility can be because of the older versions that should be upgraded on time. If the subscription period has not expired you can contact to the developer through the internet or any queries .You should be upgraded with time to face any such issue in future. The Norton team provides excellent response to deal conveniently for all queries and run smoothly for the security of the windows.