The popular operating system of Apple “ Lisa operating system” finally get’s a re release date  and it will be available to all in 2018, as it’s set to be made open source operating system.

The best part for all the apple user is that it   going to be a free download it means you don’t need pay anything for downloading it, and it won’t hold users back by more then $10,000, this is the original price tag when the first list os has been released.

Appel’s Operating System Lisa Returns

Earlier in Jan 1983, Apple company launched it’s one of the first computer system with a graphical user interface Or GUI which is quite attractive at that time call the Lisa Operating system.

Fast-forward to to the new year 2018, the Computer History Museum will release the code for free for their user, it mean they are giving users everywhere a chance to take it out for a spin and experiencing their classic Os.

“Just wanted to let everyone know the sources to the lisa Operating System and applications were recovered, Geeks converted them to Unix end of line conventions and spaces for Pascal tabs after recovering the files using Disk Image Chef, and they are with Apple for review.

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After that’s done, Blogger will do an @CHM blog post about the historical significance of the software and the code that is cleared for release by Apple will be made available in 2018,” Al Kossow, the museum’s software curator, said in a Google Group post, adding that the American Heritage Dictionary for Lisa Write’s spell checker is the only one that won’t be included.