Some Common Laptop Problems and How to fix them | Great Tech Support Free Diagnostics 24/7 Expert Assistance For Any Issue

Laptop gets moved around a great deal. This can prompt restricting air intake to the fan. It additionally gives them a lot of chances to drag dust and remote particles into their cooling framework through their fan entrance.

Laptop Running Slowly:

This happens frequently and could be identified with hard drive space, malware or the main indications of hardware failure.



  • Remove Programs that are no longer In Use
  • Clean up your drives
  • Clean your Browser( clean it out regularly)
  • Scan your System to get rid of malware
  • Scan for Viruses and Spyware
  • Adjust For Best Performance

Battery doesn’t last long:

My laptop battery doesn’t keep going long any longer. How might I tell what’s happening or wrong with it?


To start with, check the majority of your cable connections with making certain they are cozy. Next, drain your battery totally and revive it by leaving your laptop on until it passes on.

One of the best fixes of all innovation is basically to completely empty the vitality out of it and attempt once more. If it still flops far sooner than it should, you may need to change the battery itself.

Loud Fan or Heating up:

The most common problem with Noise is dust. Dust accumulation can harm your Laptop in a few different ways.


Always utilize your laptop on hard level surfaces; Stop putting it on delicate surfaces that may block air section. Wipe out your fan with compressed air. What number of projects you keep running without a moment’s delay also in light of the fact that the more you have running, the harder it needs to work.

Black Display or Black Screen:

When you power On your power and you can hear it running, But nothing comes up and it shows the black screen.


First of all, unplug the power cable, then after that remove the battery from Laptop and Hold the Power Button for at least 40 to 60 seconds. Reattach the power string and re-boot. At that point shut down once more, put in the battery and reboot.

 If you attempt any of these do-it-without anyone’s help fixes are as yet encountering a similar issue, it’s the time to Great Tech Support Free Diagnostics 24/7 Expert Assistance For Any Issue.