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A breaking down PC can be amazingly troublesome and with an assortment of issues, it can get hard to separate between a software and hardware issue. Numerous software and hardware issues can likewise lead to similar symptoms.

Below are a few problems and it’s a simple way to differentiate if it is a Software or Hardware problem.

Random Computer Crashes: If we have a problem in RAM, then it can lead the computer to crashes, blue screens or document defilement. The information is composed on the RAM for short term storage and a broken RAM will lead to storage of wrong value on it.

Blue Screen Problem: Blue screen issue ordinarily shows that there is some issue in the hardware or inadequately programmed drivers. When you experience the blue screen issue, check as installed hardware or installed drivers. If there is no issue with the drivers, by then you can expect that the issue is with the Hardware, for example, Graphics card, motherboard or RAM.


System Failing to Boot: If your Computer denies starting, at that point it must accomplish something with the Hardware. It could be a basic loose connection inside the Computer or something complicated like faulty hardware. Be that as it may in the event that your computer starts and fail when completely booting up, at that point, it could be either a hardware or software issue.

In such cases, it’s better to reinstallation of the Operating System. If this doesn’t tackle the issue, at that point it must be some issue with the hardware. A tricky CPU may result in the Computer not booting by any means, and if the CPU is overheating, it might prompt a blue screen when it’s under load.

Additionally, a defective power supply can be difficult to recognize. At the point when there is an excessive amount of power being sent to segments, it can make harm it, in the end, driving it to breakdown. The Supply of Power, If it dies completely than the PC won’t turn on and nothing will happen when you press the Power Button.

Overheating: Fans are basic to shield the CPU from overheating and if the fan flops in the PC, it might prompt overheating and can cause CPU or realistic card issues. This will, in the end, lead to computer crashing and not booting.

Resolving a Software issue isn’t is as hard as Hardware yet with solid PC administrations, fixing both faulty software and hardware won’t be quite a bit of a problem.


Free Diagnostics 24/7 for any Software issues.