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Windows users may encounter a few issues in sound and video execution. Here, I’m going to show how to fix the sound issue in Windows 10.

How to fix Audio Issues in Windows 10:

The first step to fix Audio issues in Windows 10. You have to initially look at your speakers and earphone connections and check whether some sound cable is free or connected with the wrong jack.

Presently check your volume levels from the sound Icon and remember to check the volume level of your outside speakers. Some of the time your outside speakers may be the reason.

Use Device Manager:

Another purpose for why your Windows 10 may give your issues could be related to the driver issues. Ensure that your sound card is working truly and is running with updated drivers.

To fix these Issues, Open the start and Select Device Manager. Open it from the given list, Now find your sound card. Open and click on Driver tab.


Presently, select the Update Driver choice. Windows ought to have the capacity to look at the internet and update your PC with the most recent sound drivers.

Select Update driver – Browse my PC for driver software – Pick a driver from the given list on my Computer Select High Definition Audio Device after that Next and Install it.


How to fix Audio Issues by running Troubleshoot:

The troubleshooter in Window 10 works very efficiently. Troubleshooter is the dependably the principal thing one ought to do after any kind of issue in Windows 10.

To run audio troubleshooter- Go to the Settings of Window 10 – Update and Security – Troubleshoot – Playing Audio

Set as a Default playback device to fix the Audio Problem: You may confront some sound issues while utilizing USB or HDMI as you have to set the outside gadgets as default. Sound improvements can sometimes interfere with the hardware drivers; hence it is important to disable them until another driver update touches base on your PC.

To fix this audio Issue by setting the device item as default, go to Start menu and enter Sound. It will Open an appropriate result, now click on Playback and set the audio device as Default. I Hope these tips help you to fix the issue related to audio in Window 10.

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