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The touchpad is an essential device for a Laptop. It can make numerous things simple and supplant a mouse. So if you’re facing Windows 10 problem with Touchpad, must checkout the way to fix it. Touchpad not working after Windows 10 Creators Update clearly transforms into a hot worry as a standout amongst the most well-known Windows 10 Creators Update issues. Why the touchpad Function is not working after the update of windows.

Restart your Laptop: 

Many of the Windows issues basically evaporate after a reboot. Restart your Windows 10 Laptop and after that check, if the touchpad is working. What’s more, in case you’re thinking about how to restart a laptop with a dead touchpad.

Now here you have to follow the procedure,

Click ALT+F4 to open the shutdown windows dialog box, now click on down arrow and select restart option from there.


Modify Touchpad Settings:

If the touchpad of your Laptop is dead than now use an external mouse for Settings the touchpad.

Follow these Step-

  • Go to Start Button>Settings>Devices>Mouse and Touchpad>Additional Mouse Options.Modify Touchpad Settings1
  • Next Mouse Properties window will open, Go to tab and find the name of laptop’s touchpad If you don’t see that tab.
  • Go to Device Settings or ELAN there you can find your touchpad listed Under Devices section.

Modify Touchpad Settings2

  • After finding your laptop touchpad, select it and click on Enable.

Update your Touchpad Driver:

If the device is not working properly, most of the time it’s because of Outdated drivers or faulty. The Solution is quite easy.

  • Press the window key and X together or you can Press Window Key and R and type msc, It will redirect you to the Device Manager.
  • Click on Mice and other pointing devices than click double on touchpad device driver which is listed there.
  • Now, Click to Driver tab and then click on Update Driver Software.
  • Select Search Automatically For Updated Driver.
  • Drivers need to be updated manually

Update your Touchpad Driver1

 Hardware Troubleshooter:

 If none of the Solution above mentioned resolved your problem then you must try window’s 10 troubleshoot tool. You can use this tool to resolve all kind of hardware issues.

  • Click on Settings
  • Next Click on update and Security> Troubleshoot
  • Click on Hardware and Devices and then click run
  • This troubleshooting process will take some time, till then wait and after the completion of this process. Restart your Laptop.


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