Top 3 Printer Problem and How to Fix it? Printer Support Phone Number (800) 998-3143

Printers are the ideal completion for a home office, permitting clients the accommodation and convenience without heading out or pay to print records or photographs. Owning a printer has a lot of advantages, however, similar to some other innovation, printers have a couple of minor caveats. Be that as it may, don’t be overwhelmed on the grounds that numerous regular printer issues are easy to resolve.


Paper Jam:

If your printer has a paper jam, at that point you can’t keep on printing. A paper jam can be brought about by numerous things including:

  • Paper rollers are damaged
  • Incorrect Loading of Paper
  • Paper Overload
  • Paper is added to the tray while the printer is printing
  • Dirty or Dusty Paper
  • An object is obstructing the path of the paper




Start by examining the paper way and remove any stuck material, being cautious in order to take out any stuck paper straight — or all the more all—not tearing it. If it’s gotten between rollers, seek after the guide on the most proficient how to release the pressure.

In case it’s a misaligned paper that caused the jam, remove the tray to guarantee the paper is arranged precisely and reseat the tray. Every so often you may find no misted sheet by any means, in which case you’ll need to oust the paper stack, confirm whether it’s squared authentically and reposition it back in the plate.

Always remember to use the paper which is being supported by your printer and keep that paper in a dry place to stay out of moisture.

Printing Too Slow:

It is because of High-resolution settings, memory problem or selection of drivers. This makes the printer to work very slow.


If your printer is printing so slowly it could be an immediate aftereffect of different reasons. It depends upon what kind of printer model you have in light of the way that a couple of printers print at a much slower speed so as to deliver superb prints. Other printer models print significantly speedier, yet the quality is low. In this case, you have to change the printing quality from the printer settings.

If you may need to print on a daily basis then must set the print quality to the Fast Draft Setting, After that go to the Print and properties setting and try to change the Quality of print job, If you can’t find then search on instructions for your printer model and follow it.

My printer isn’t printing:

It is one of the most common Printer Problem, Which can be rectified by HP Printer Support.



First of all, we have to check whether the command given to a right printer or not, you might just print many documents. To make your primary printer your default, click explores to Printers and Faxes in windows-Right click on the printer and select as default printer.

Always put a good paper in a tray, Ensure your printer is On and that all Cables are secure. Both USB-and System related PCs require that the print driver be presented on the PC you’re printing from. Print drivers with a two-way correspondence feature can uncover to you what may cause your issue through work region or driver alerts, without making an excursion to the printer. Great Tech Support Free Diagnostics 24/7 Expert Assistance For Any Issue.