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 “Facebook account hacked? Need help! No need of worrying, we are offering fast, reliable and workable solutions for everyone. After an exclusive research work with the team of Facebook professionals, here some good solutions are given, adopt according to the sensitivity of problem your and get rid of this within short time. For those who want to hire experts to resolve such issues in the shortest time, we are here to help you. Generally, everyone overcome the matter after following the given guidelines below.

It is troublesome if anyone’s personal or official Facebook account goes in reaches hands. Hackers can harm you, your personality and company by such wrong activities. Important data, contact and links can be misled. For the solution of all such situations, quick response and instant resolution is necessary, it saves your personality, company & important data.

Facebook Account Hacked? Follow These Steps to Recover

If someone’s Facebook account has been hacked, email & password changed by hackers then follow the given guidelines. It is hoped that after following these, you will see your account again. For those who are facing this issue and say that Facebook account hacked? Need help! These solutions are given from the official help community & page of Facebook.

Step 1

  • First of all follow the given link for recovering process of hacked Facebook account:
  • After following the link, select the given button "Your account has been Compromised"
  • Here, you need to type the following information for preceding the next processes:
    • Email address
    • Login name
    • Full Name
    • Or the specified Phone Number
    • Facebook will process for searching & matching the user. If you do not find anything after process, give information again and check now. Sometimes email does not work; use only your phone number.
    • Now for Facebook login, hit the search tab.

Step 2

For the successful recovery of hacked Facebook account, follow this second step after completing the first one:

  • Enter your password which was used for usual login. It is for that time when you know the password; otherwise hackers usually change the password, email addresses and phone numbers. Now, you don’t know your new password which is reset by hackers, just give the old one. It should be the same password which was given for login process last time before hacking. Facebook account hacked and email changed as well as Facebook account hacked and password changed, this type of reports can be seen usually online, for such cases, follow these all guidelines step by step.

Step 3

  • After given your old password, you will find new button, just press it and follow for next steps. It will be as: “Reset my password button”.

Step 4

  • Your initial or primary email would be changed, now well of course the user does not want to direct towards reset his/her password link to the hacker's given account so, after that Click "no longer have access to these?" link.

Step 5

  • Well, now you are near to get your hacked Facebook account back almost. Here, write the latest & new email address which you want to send the changed password link, also set it as your primary email address too.

Step 6

  • Here, you will be given some new steps to follow, follow these new steps to recover your hacked Facebook account. Hope you will get your account back within 24 hours.

These were necessary steps to follow for the recovery of your hacked Facebook account. It is workable for Facebook account hacked and email changed, as well as Facebook account hacked and password changed issues. After the given time, you can use your account by Facebook login simple and systematic process. For the user who usually says that my Facebook account has been hacked, and help required, as well as should care their Facebook accounts. It saves time, money, records and private data from hackers and competitors.

Some security tips are given, everyone should follow these for a safe & secure use of Facebook accounts:

Security Tips for Facebook Users

The following six important steps can save you from time to time troubles and losses which can be faced after hacking of your Facebook account in the form of passwords, emails or phone numbers.

  1. Protect your password
    1. Try to use your password only on your computer or smartphone, never try on someone’s system or device.
    2. Don’t share your password with anyone, you should use it personally. Password means personal information, not a public.
    3. Protect your password by the use of difficult and complicated words, characters or digits, it save it and not easy to get or hack.
    4. Always use the extra security features of Facebook for protecting Facebook hacking issues
    5. Make you email accounts secure and protected after following all security steps
    6. Always log out when you leave computers anywhere, if you forget this then follow the remote log out option offered by Facebook to keep your account safe & secure from hackers.
    7. Make your computer safe and clean after running antiviruses on it, for Windows and smartphones, some good & famous antivirus programs are available online, use these.
    8. Think and confirm any link before opening it, hackers mostly uses such links for hacking Facebook accounts.

These were some essential steps to keep your Facebook accounts safe from hackers. We usually listen and read online this sentence, “Facebook account hacked? Need help!” for the solution of such issues, some important steps are given above, just follow and make your accounts private in real.

All types of hacked Facebook accounts can recover after following above given guidelines. If you feel any trouble in the recovery of any of your personal or official hacked Facebook account, inform us, we have a team of experts, within 24 hours, you can find effective & efficient solution.

The service is offered at very reasonable budget which has a lot of benefits. Care your mutual assets and grow confidently.


Your Facebook Account been hacked? If yes, you have reached the right technical helpdesk : We hold a Customer care team of experienced and certified technicians, who can troubleshoot all the problems related to Facebook as per your requirement and gives you fully service satisfaction.

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