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Forget Hotmail Password : Easy Fixes & Expert Support For Hotmail Password Reset & Recovery

Hotmail is the services of webmail and user can access Hotmail by using any browser at anywhere in the world. Hotmail is renamed to outlook in 2012. Microsoft officially declared that all the users of Hotmail are successfully transferred to It is free email services in over the world. It took six weeks to finish the migration. Hotmail considered the first free mail service launched by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. More than 400 million users of Hotmail are active and avail all services of web mailing.

Hotmail provides their users to complete their need of mailing and electronic communication. With very start when documents need urgent transformation than Hotmail originated and take this responsibility. Hotmail services provide instant services of transferring important documents and mails.


As millions of users are availing the Hotmail service daily, so it is normal to face some technical issues while using Hotmail. Common issues are unable to create a Hotmail ID, or forgetting password after creating the ID. Some faces difficulties how to add and maintain the profile. Hotmail provides the best support on solving these issues. You are available online video or documentation of tutorial on each problem related to Hotmail services.

Forget Hotmail Password

Mostly users face the difficulty of forgetting password of their Hotmail ID. They activate the Hotmail ID after logout; it has possibility that they may forget their password when trying to sing after a few days. There may be some important documents or emails are placed in your inbox and due to some leap of using your account you forget your password. You need you to reset your Hotmail account password for accessing it.

Hotmail service provides to reset your password. If you are unable to access your account with your password, so check your Caps lock is turned on or off and also check the spelling of your email id provided. If both things are correctly entered, then you need to reset your password.

To Rest your password

If you forget your password or locked access to your Hotmail account, you can reset your password by using Microsoft tools. There are some steps to follow and get your access of your account again. You have to follow some simple steps to reset your password. You need to be recovery, email, phone number, verification code attached to your Hotmail account.

STEP 1: Open page

Open the home page of the page. As Hotmail is transferred to mails, you can access your Hotmail by sign in on page. Your Hotmail account is running on Some point should be kept in mind before resetting your password is:

  • You only can re-activate your account with 365 days. If you are unable to access your account within a year. Your account automatically deleted exactly after 1 year by Microsoft.
  • You have 30 days to access your account after manually deactivation. After that your account will permanently delete.

STEP 2:  Click on “Can't Access your account”

On page, below email and password boxes, a link is present with name “can’t access your account”. Click on it and it will move you respect link for further processing.

STEP 3: Answer the asked question.

Within next page you are asked about troubleshoot you are facing. You are asked why you have trouble signing in, with three options for selecting. You need to select ‘I forget my password’ and click on Next. 

STEP 4: Microsoft account

Enter your Microsoft account, for example: in the Microsoft account field. Find the Captcha and move to the next step.

STEP 5: Select method for verification

For getting access to the Microsoft resting password page, you need to prove your identity to Microsoft. There are a number of different ways for verification, depend on which contact you provide with your account.

  • Email: If you were associated a secondary email with your account, a verification code is going to send on that recovery email ID. You must have another recovery, email provided for your Hotmail account.
  • App usage: If you have a Microsoft account app, and previously set your account to use the app. You are able to generate a verification code for further use to reset your password.
  • Phone number: If you have already linked your phone number with your account. A verification code can be generated and text on your mobile number, which is further used for resetting password.
  • Don’t have any of these: If you don’t have any above options to verify your identity and recovery information associated with your account. You can choose this option and answer different question to prove your identity. This method is not guaranteed for succession.

STEP 6: Get your verification Code

Once you have selected the verification method, Microsoft generates a code and send your selected option. If you choose to email verification method, you need to check email from Microsoft team on all locations including spam. Also check the update options if you are using Google or Gmail accounts.

STEP 7: Enter verification Code

If your page is opened, you show the option of Enter Verification Code. You can enter your verification code in the box. If you closed the page, you need to again open page and start account retrieval process and you need to choose same contact method.

STEP 8: Create new password

After entering verification code, you will direct to the password resetting page. You can reset your password and verify it. Now you access your Hotmail account.

STEP 9: Log into your account

Now your new password for your account is established and you can access your account from the homepage of You need to enter your email id and new generated password. And access your account successfully.

Microsoft provides the best mail service through Hotmail or If you forget your email account password accidently you can get your password back by mean of the Microsoft recovery tool. So there are no chances for loss or not able to access your important information places on the inbox of your Hotmail account.

Technical Support For Hotmail Password Reset & Password Recovery

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