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Microsoft Office  Technical Support & Help

Office is the most successful and helpful product of Microsoft, which is internationally popular due to its latest features, feasibility and productivity. If you have product key, you don’t need any disk or link to install it in your PC, device or smartphone.

For Canadian and international users, an Office setup help is provided. It will help you in its installing, saving and sharing everywhere in the world. For further Office support, you can get help online from official page of office, as well as an expert can be hired for an official setup. Some important things with installation guidelines are here, follow and make your office, home and educational work relaxed.

About all these things, Microsoft Office help is also available on, but here, information is shared in an easy and simple way, follow for the best experience of Office with us.

Some important things about Office setup

For installing Office product in any device, computer or laptop, it is necessary to have these things:

  • Updated Office setup (whether it is in a CD, flash or shared by Wi-Fi)
  • Correct product key
  • A device in which you are going to install it

If all these things are available in your hand, you can easily start the process. About Office setup help, you are guided step by step during its successful installation. This will also be given here. Sometimes, it happens that you save Microsoft Office setup in your computer or device, and after a short period it crashes or corrupts. This happens due to following causes:

  • Virus or malware in your computer or device
  • Automatic software expiry
  • Missing of any file or files

If it happens, you can get help from Office support or get a new Office setup from shop, website or your friend. For long time saving and care of your Office setup in any computer or device, you can follow these steps, these are helpful:

  • Save your Office setup in a zip or compressed file
  • Email the setup
  • Save on any website
  • Login on official website of Office

All these steps save your setup, for further details, Microsoft Office help and its community, all are the best places. In any difficulty, we also help our Canadian as well as international customers online. Get your services to save time and money for your personal as well as business setups.

After reading this article, you will be able to know some important things about Office (2007, 2010, 2103 and 365) with its simple installation in your computer or smart devices.

Office step by step installation guide

These are some simple steps which are helpful to install with Office support for you. For all versions and devices, follow these steps:

  1. Get Office setup in your device by CD, DVD, USB Flash Drive or downloading. Right-click on setup and you will setup.exe. Do it.
  2. Pop a tick within the accept license then click continue.
  3. Here, you will get an option of run the default install, or another custom install. You can choose as you like.
  4. If you have Microsoft Office’ earlier version in your computer or device, you will follow the upgrade option. You can also remove the previous version or install on it. The old one will be removed or upgraded with latest one.
  5. From the installation screen, if you choose the top most Microsoft Office option, it can run from CD or DVD that are run all from your computer. You can also choose here what applications you would like to install, different apps options will be there.
  6. Here, the file location buttons just allows you to choose what drive you would like to install the required Office (Any version).
  7. At the end, you will get a final tab of user information; you will enter here your initials as well as company name. The purpose of this information is to use it during documents creation in Office.
  8. In the situation of upgrading Office 2010 to Office 2013, here, you can click the upgrade option, further if this is a fresh Office 2013 install, you will get an option of Install. After the successful completion of installation process, you will get the screen with signup options for the Skydrive. You can get more Microsoft Office help online by this option about your documents, understand this and choose as you like.
  9. Check out now, you can use it on your computer or device.

For more Office setup help, you will be given some instant links in different files or products of office like Word, Excel or Power Point; you can get instant help about any issue during use. Among this, a lot of other features and facilities will be provided, must try these for a better experience with Microsoft Office.

For saving your Office setup or program, you can follow the above given steps. These steps will provide a long life to your product. The simplest way nowadays is online account with Office, get it and try, hope you will find it well.

For mega and corporate level, if you need Microsoft Office support, we help you. Don’t worry wherever you live in the world, whether it is Canada or any country, our team can reach you online for all types of help in Microsoft Office. Its installation or any issue is disturbing you, call or text us; we will solve it within short duration.


Conclusively, for those who are in search of Microsoft Office help  , here are the tips in this written work, follow to save your Office setup, give it long life and follow the simple steps for successful install on any computer or device. For better working, keep the real version with correct license key, you will get the complete Office setup. You can use its all features easily. For further help, you can direct contact to Support Office Page, or call us, we help you with our best.


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