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Norton Antivirus is not working

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More than one hundred step by step solutions about Norton Antivirus are given on the official platform of Norton. These are simple, to the point and easy to understand, the basic purpose of these solutions is to provide the fast, reliable & verified fixing guidelines to the Canadian & international Norton Antivirus users. Sometimes helpline & online support areas are busy, and visitors cannot get answers of their questions within short time, so this strategy works well.

For all those users who are facing the relevant issue & their Norton Antivirus is not working well, simple step by step fixing guidelines are given, follow these and make your Norton Antivirus fully beneficial for your personal & business use. First, understand the relevant problems for which solution guidelines are given in this written work.

Some Generally Reported Issues

During the use of Norton Antivirus, these issues are reported generally:

  • Users Norton Antivirus not working
  • The user cannot start his/her Norton product
  • Nothing happens as the user tries to run a scan in his/her Norton product
  • Norton Antivirus is not working properly
  • Norton Antivirus is not working with windows 7/8

There may be some different or diverse styles of telling about this same issue after that your Norton Antivirus does not work, but the basic theme & central issue is its working inability. If your Norton Antivirus is not working      , there may be a technical, installation, system and verification issue. For its better solution, follow the below given steps, hope these will help in fixing such problems within short time.

How to Fix the Issue?

Two different solutions are providing, carefully read, match with your issue and apply for the timely and best solutions. These are helpful for those who usually say that Norton Antivirus is not working; I cannot start my Norton, nothing happens when I start Norton scan and Norton Antivirus is not working windows 7/8.

  1. Follow these Steps If You Cannot Start Your Norton Product

If the user cannot start his or her Norton product, the process of restarting the computer & system can solve the issue. If user finds the issue same and unsolved after restarting the system, it is necessary to remove & reinstall the Norton product by the use of Norton Remove & Reinstall tool.

  • Restart the computer
    1. Close or exit all the programs
    2. Restart your computer, if the issue is same & Norton Antivirus is not working then go to next step.
  • Uninstall & reinstall the Norton after downloading it from official site (If your service provider offered you Norton product, leave this step & use the Norton Removal Tool)
    1. Norton Removal & Reinstall is a tool which is helping here, download it and use. Now save your file to your Windows’ desktop.
    2. Double click an icon which is available on desktop, it is available by the name of NRnR.
    3. Carefully read the license agreement and click the Agree button.
    4. Press the Remove and Reinstall buttons, then the all on-screen instructions.
    5. Now, click restart now. As the restarting your computers starts, follow all on-screen instructions for reinstalling your Norton product.

Simply follow these steps for solving the issue when your Norton Antivirus is not working. Sometimes all steps can be followed and mostly first one or two steps are necessary to fix the issue.

  1. If Nothing Happens After Trying Run a Scan then Follow these steps in Norton

After failed updates, this issue can be occurred. For its solution, download & run the fix tool of Norton to resolve this problem. If you are unable to run a scan on your system, it is necessary to uninstall & reinstall the Norton product by the use of Norton Removal & Reinstall tool.

For Norton Remove & Reinstall tool, users of Windows XP will skip to Step 2. This will help in solving the issue if Norton Antivirus isn't working & Norton Antivirus not working windows different versions.

  • Download then run the Norton fix tool
  1. Download the fix tool of Norton (Save its file to your Windows desktop).
  2. Double click the NortonMountPointRepair.exe file; it will be available on your desktop. As you will run this file, you will agree with the Usage Agreement.
  3. Restart your computer now.
  4. As your computer starts, run the Quick Scan on your system. If problem remains unsolved, proceed to the next step.
  • Download & run Norton’s Remove & Reinstall tool. This step can be skipped if the user has received Norton product from service provider. After this, run the Norton Remove Tool.
  1. First, download from Internet Norton Remove & Reinstall tool. Save your file to your desktop.
  2. The same option of NRnR icon is given on desktop, double click this icon.
  3. Click the Agree link after reading license agreement of Norton.
  4. Follow the all given on-screen instruction after clicking the Remove & Reinstall option.
  5. Now, click the Restart option.
  6. Follow the all on-screen options after clicking the Remove & Install buttons.
  7. Click Restart Now. As your computer restarts, follow the all on-screen instructions, these are necessary to reinstall the Norton product.

If you are facing anyone of above discussed troubles and your Norton Antivirus is not working well, follow the given steps & guidelines. These are officially recommended by Norton and less time taking solutions. These have already solved such issues due that which Norton Antivirus was not working properly in your systems. For Mac and smart devices, some other recommended solutions are given on the website of Norton.

For further details and instant solutions, you can contact online support team. We also offer a private solution for all Norton users in Canada and some other countries online; hire us for professional and quick solutions of your security issues.

We, as a team of professionals with rich experience and latest tools & techniques are ready to help you 24/7.

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