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Technical Support for Sony Vaio Laptop, Desktop (800) 893 0638

Sony is one of the most well-known brands in the market; it has been introducing a modified strategy across the electronic business more promptly since April 2012. Its gaming and mobile business drove it to the growth of electronic business, Sony has efficiently made substantial progress in implementing this strategy. Sony has identified PCs and TVs as its business in which the key priority is improvement and different various measures for modification. With the introduction of high value-added products Sony has gained best technological strength. The addition of TVs products has significantly enhanced the product competitiveness and operational structure of this business. Besides these reforms Sony has taken further steps to improve the PC and TV businesses, furthermore the streamlining and optimization of the manufacturing and concentrating resources in growth businesses have been increased. Below is discussed some information regarding support for Sony VAIO computer & laptop.

Steps for support to upgrade operating system:

  • Windows 10 update information:

Following steps need to be followed:

  1. A well supported computer and applicable drivers.
  2. Go to your model section and use CHECK for it.
  3. Get the details from Microsoft Company as it is offering a free upgrade of windows 10.
  4. Sony is not responsible to provide support to all models that are eligible for this upgrade.
  5. To see instructions use Check in your model section.
  6. You will get information about the performance issues that may happen after upgrading.


Few types of limitations are found in Sony Windows Store Apps and Sony app, which are helpful in support for Sony VAIO computer & laptop:

  • Exclusive apps of Sony might not be visible due to limitation in windows 10.
  • More limitations are noticed in Sony apps that are mentioned below:
  1. Limitation in Album by Sony
  2. In music
  3. In Play memories of a mobile
  4. In social life
  5. In the side view of TV
  6. VAIO Care
  7. VAIO Message Centre
  8. VAIO Remote control
  9. VAIO Tabletop
  10. VAIO Scan
  11. VAIO Clip
  12. VAIO Paper

Due to these limitations the application name may not be displayed on Start screen tile.

  • Windows 8 update information:

For information regarding Windows 8 you need the same steps as mentioned above for Windows 10. You can update your Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 through Windows Store

  • Windows 7 update information:

Some of the qualities of Windows 7 are

  1. It is very easy to use. You can get around and get things done very faster with very simple and streamlined way.
  2. It is very easy to connect. You can easily share documents with a number of PCs on your home and also to the network that are away from your home.
  3. It is very reliable and much faster. It helps your PC to resume and sleep very quickly.
  4. Its best feature is that it is facilitated with higher security for your system’s privacy.
  5. Sony also offers a variety of upgrade options and support too for Windows 7.

Keyboard touchpad:

When keyboard touchpad of Sony VAIO is not working follow the steps below to troubleshoot why the system is not performing well:

  1. Make sure that computer is connected with wireless keyboard before considering any other step.
  2. Following steps are mentioned because they present the best possible solution to this problem therefore check to see whether the keyboard is working or not after each step is completed.
  3. Before going to any step mentioned below first download and install the updates available online for the drivers and software of your system.
  4. While using third party keyboard check the manufacturer's website or keyboard documentation for information about properly connection and use of keyboard.
  5. If you need any information regarding the model to complete any of the above discussed steps refer the instructions that are provided with the product. Information such as Specifications, Warranty and Manuals are available online.
  6. Last but not the least solution is that check whether any debris is present on the keyboard or any liquid is spilled on it.

Internet and network connection support:

Below are discussed some Wi-Fi connections and drop out issues:

If any problem is noted in VAIO® computer troubleshoot wireless connection follow the procedure mentioned below:

  • While having any problem in connecting an Internet service, wireless service or if you are facing sound problem while using Party Streaming feature or having any audio drop outs then follow a simple step that reduce your wireless interference on your system or you can also change the direction of your router.

Follow the below discussed steps for better connections on your system, these are also good about support for Sony VAIO computer & laptop.

  • Your internet speed should be fast enough to connect a wireless to your system.
  • It has always been recommended by the brands that first check the speed of your internet connection before going for any of the solutions.
  • These solutions better work for troubleshooting of wireless connection problems as well as for audio dropouts. Further advantage is that additional troubleshooting is available if you are facing a problem of video buffering.
  • Some devices after connected to wireless show that USB Wi-Fi adapter is needed to be connected with a router. In such systems you can refer to the manual that is supplied with the system for further information.
  • Issues also occur when the system is connected to unsecured wireless connection, in this case you have to make sure that you are connected to a secured connection that appear in the Wi-Fi setting list.

Some other solutions are:

Consider the following solutions if the problem continues:

  • You have to check the firmware update for the router you are using
  • Then check the direction and location of your router
  • You have to make sure that your router is broadcasting the Service Set Identifier (SSID).
  • Remove the obstacles if found any
  • Change the channel you are using if required
  • Check the antenna of your router
  • At last check the firewall settings of your system

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