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Sound or Speakers are not working Windows 10 ?

Tips for fixing the issue “sound or speakers are not working windows 10” are important for all those users who are facing same or some relevant problems on their computers after getting latest Windows 10. Among some other issues, this is also a killing problem in this version of Windows after that all things like video, pixels and Internet work well, but the sound does not work properly. Sometime the sound arrives automatically and most of the time sound or voice cannot be listened.

Your headphones work perfectly, but speakers are silent, this happens too in this error. Most of the time nothing works well in sound, these are some causes for that this article provides you some helpful solution tips. This is fit for all those users who have installed different sound cards in their system but nothing is useful for them. Follow the given guidelines if your sounds speakers are not working on Windows 10, these steps are also helpful for Windows 7 and some older and latest versions.

Follow these tips if your speakers or sound is not working on Windows 10

For your computer and some common sound problems in it, these are the best solutions. These can work well if your speakers or headphones both are not working, as well as in that situation when speakers are not working windows 10 but headphones working; these solution steps are also fit. First, identify the real problem by checking the cables, speakers, sound cards and all other hardware & software issue then follow towards these step by step solutions.

Solution no. 1: Playing Audio Troubleshooter

Playing Audio troubleshooter is wonderful solution for fixing the issue; try this on your system. It has the qualities to check the common problems in volume settings, sound cards as well as drivers of your computer among the speakers & headphones. Try this if sound or speakers are not working windows 7, the second solution step is better for Windows 10.

Follow this way for Playing Audio troubleshooter:

  1. Open the Playing Audio troubleshooter; it will arrive by clicking the Start button
  2. Now click the Control Panel
  3. Within the search box, type troubleshooter, after that click Troubleshooting
  4. Now, click the Troubleshoot audio playback which will be found under Hardware & Sound
  5. If you are prompted for the confirmation of administrative password, give your password or provide its confirmation

In the situation when speakers are not working on windows 10 or 7 (Second solution is better for version 10), Playing Audio Troubleshooter according to the above given steps are suitable for fixing the issue.

Note: Keep your computer connected with Internet, it is better for you to make it sure that your troubleshooters are fit and up-to-dated from the provided Windows Online Troubleshooting Service. Official website of Windows provides different guiding links for this. This is highly helpful in that condition when your sound is not working on windows 10 or 7.

Solution no.2: Simple steps for Windows 10

When the sound is not working on windows 10, follow these simple steps to fix the issue:

  1. Go to Start and enter into the Device Manager, now select this from the list of results. Choose the sound card which is given under the Sound, video, and game controllers, unclose it and select the Driver tab, from here, select the Update Driver. As your Windows fails in finding a new driver, go to the device manufacturer’ website and search it from there, follow the given step by step instructions for getting it from the site.
  2. In that situation when the given steps are not working, you can try uninstalling the audio driver: for this, open the Device Manager, now right-click (you can tap & hold too) your audio driver, here select Uninstall. You should restart your device, and Windows will try to reinstall the required driver. It is good if the sound or speakers are not working windows 10 and speakers are not working windows 10 but headphones working.
  3. If it does not work too, you can try using the generic audio driver which arrives among Windows. It is workable and good for your system under Windows 10. Follow this way: in the Device Manager, right-click (You can tap & hold too) the audio driver > Update driver software… > Browse my computer for driver software > Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer, after this choose High Definition Audio Device, go to Next, and do according to the given instruction for installing it.

During the issue when sound or speakers are not working on windows 10, thee are suitable solution steps, these work good. If you find any trouble in working then apply next one, and in failing of second one’s try the third and last step. Try to follow the given directions same as told step by step.

Solution no.3: Hire an expert

If you have tried all above given solution steps, and you are still unable to control the issue (sound is not working on windows 10), hire an expert. Go to Internet, search IT experts who are offering the solutions for all of following issues:

  • Sound or speakers are not working windows 10
  • Speakers are not working on windows 10
  • Sound is not working on windows 10
  • Speakers are not working windows 10 but headphones working

Within short time & effort, they can provide you solution. You can also try us; we have a team of experts to make your Windows 10 free from sound errors.

When sound or speakers are not working windows 10, don’t worry from this error, this was also available in version 7 that had been solved already. For all of these versions and issues, solution steps have been given, follow and make your Windows as well as the whole system error free. If you are unable to fix, call or text us,

We are USA based IT Experts and can solve such issues within short time.


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