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Dual Monitors not working on Windows 10 - Running dual monitors on Windows 10 is easy & simple if you find any trouble just act according to the given easy steps in this article

After connecting dual monitors to your computer, Windows automatically detects both of the monitors & displays your PC’s desktop. Now, you can choose how you want to see your desktop to display & customize the all settings like as Display Style, Color Depth as well as Screen Resolution.

Setting multiple monitors on all Windows (7, 8.1 and 10) is cool, but sometimes, it happens that Windows 10 resists and nothing is displayed. That is why; many Windows 10 users say that dual monitors are not working on Windows 10.

How to set up? Running dual monitors on Windows 10 is easy & simple if you find any trouble just act according to the given steps in this article. Follow these guidelines & steps:

Windows 10 and some key feature enhancement

  1. Simply move Windows apps to additional monitor
    1. It is simple to move all Windows apps to additional monitor by grasping it among the upfront edge as well as dragging it simply from one monitor to another. In that condition when the app is snapped, it will be snapped also on the additional monitor.
    2. Some simple keyboard shortcuts Win+Pg Up & Win+Pg Dn can also be used for moving Windows apps from monitor to next one.
  2. By default, on all of the monitors, Taskbars are shown now
    1. After attaching multiple monitors with your system, Windows 10 will draw here the taskbar simply across every monitor. On the main attached monitor, all taskbar icons are clearly displayed, as well as the taskbar on the entire other attached monitors.
    2. By the use of Taskbar Properties, your taskbar is configurable simply in more than one display.
      1. Go to the Taskbar and right-click here
      2. Choose Properties
  • Make it sure that Show Taskbar on All Displays is selected; it is available in Taskbar Tab, under the given Multiple Displays.
  1. Now, click OK.
  1. Your all monitors and span desktop background across all of these
    1. Here, you can easily span a sole panoramic picture across more than one monitor. Different services provide an included new panoramic theme within personalization options; this is special for Windows 10.
    2. For setting this up, you can pick a panoramic image as well as Span as the position of the picture.

These are helping for setting dual monitors on Windows 10. For more, information, read these:

Your computer and connecting it to monitor

In the situation when dual monitors are not working on windows 10, this is workable simply. You can easily connect most monitors & some other display devices, for example the projectors that use VGA, DVI, different DisplayPort cables and HDMI. After learning about the connection of monitor and computer, running dual monitors on Windows 10 will become easy.

Simple methods to set up multiple monitors

After you connect your monitors to your PC, Display Style is the best among all styles; you can select it or anyone which suits you better. For setting dual monitors on Windows 10, you can select any one from the below given four options on how your desktop is displayed:

  • PC Screen Simply: In this, second monitor is generally ignored & just the primary monitor is utilized.
  • Duplicate: Here, the second or next monitor mirrors the initial or primary monitor.
  • Extended: The desktop of your computer is prolonged across the two attached monitors as well as allow you to keep a desktop which spans across both of the monitors.
  • Second Screen Only: Here, the primary or initial monitor will be disabled as well as just the secondary or additional monitor is used.

As you link to a second or next monitor to your PC, the default display style will be here set to the option of Duplicate.

As you connect to the second or other monitor to your PC, here the default display style will be simply set to Extend.

Simply, is your dual monitors are not working on Windows 10, these all are useful steps for you.

Change the display style

For running dual monitors on Windows 10, above steps will work better, and for changing the display style, these two methods can be applied:

First Method: Windows Key + P Keyboard Shortcut

  1. Clos all the programs which were open
  2. Now, hold down your Windows key & press the given key “P” from your keyboard
  3. Select anyone from the below given display styles:
    1. PC Screen Only
    2. Duplicate
    3. Extend
    4. Second Screen Only

Second Method: Display Settings Menu

  1. Close all programs on your computer.
  2. Go to your desktop and right-click on an empty place, now click Display Settings.
  3. From the drop down list, click Multiple Display, now choose anyone from these: Duplicate these displays, Extend these displays, Show only on 1, Show only on 2. In case of not seeing the second or next monitor (s) listed, select or click Delete. In the case of not working of this option, try to reconnect the available cables on your monitor, restart your PC & repeat the step 1 & 2.
  4. Select Identify to check which monitor is first or number 1 (That is primary monitor), as well as number 2 (The secondary monitor).
  5. Click or Select Keep Changes if you are incited to save all of the changes which are made to display settings.

For setting dual monitors on windows 10, and changing the display as you like, these work perfectly. The only condition is the right working of all hardware & software on your computer.

In case of not solving the issue after those dual monitors are not working on Windows 10, you can contact to the Windows or Microsoft team, hope they will help. If you are living in Canada and need their helpline, go to the official website of Microsoft. For further details and the solution any similar issue on your systems, you can also contact us, we are available for your help. We will make running dual monitors on Windows 10 simple for you because we have extensive experience in setting dual monitors on Windows 10.

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